My office is warm and inviting. Organic teas, water, aromatherapy and soft lighting help to create a space where you can relax.

My approach to individual and relationship counselling is rooted in The Developmental Model, as taught to me by The Couples Institute. This model looks at three factors:

  • how our relationships with our family of origin impact us now

  • what can happen in the brain when we’re triggered in interactions with others, and 

  • how we can learn to calm ourselves to aid communication.

The exercises we do will teach skills you can use right away - and with practice you will begin to strengthen your emotional  and relational muscles!


Relationship Counselling

Couples therapy is desperately needed in this world - if people sought help at the first signs of disharmony they could steer the course of their relationship differently. When we don't seek outside opinions or advice, it’s too easy to become entrenched in our habits and patterns. Seeing a marriage counsellor can allow us to take an unflinching look at our roles in our relationships, and work as a team to heal.

When you book with Caron you’ll receive a questionnaire. Fill it out ahead of time to help pinpoint areas of concern. 

Once we’ve begun to identify your concerns, we will meet weekly or bi-weekly for a predetermined time (usually 5 – 10 sessions). Further sessions may be desirable. It’s important that you can talk to me about what you’re hoping for and expecting from your sessions. I invite open discussion about how things are going for you.


Individual Counselling

Some couples therapy includes individual sessions by both partners. 

Or, people come to see me individually. 

It can be challenging to accept ourselves if we are filled with shame, doubt, or guilt. If you find that you are anxious, fearful, or sad I will make space for you. If you need tools to help manage your anger - I have them. 

My goal is to accept you exactly as you are - knowing that you may decide to change something about your usual way of reacting to others. I may invite you to do pen-and-paper practices, breathing exercises, or brief meditations together. We can use fingertip sensors to help you learn how to regulate and calm your body. Through your feedback we’ll learn together what is most effective and helpful.

Are you covered?

I see clients who receive coverage through:

First Nations Health Authority

Inter Tribal Health Authority

Crime Victims Assistance Program

Please book a free consultation so that we can start the process. I have all of the necessary paperwork to apply for your coverage.

If you are covered through other insurance such as Blue Cross, Green Shield, or Sun Life, for example, please contact your provider and ask them if your plan covers counselling services. I am an RSW (Registered Social Worker) and an RCC (Registered Clinical Counsellor) so you may be reimbursed for those services.