About Caron

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My life was transformed by a therapist who treated me with deep acceptance. Her empathy and openness were inspirational. My goal is to give you the same compassion. 

I have been a Registered Social Worker (RSW) since 2001 and completed four years of university to obtain my Master of Social Work (MSW) degree. Since then I’ve taken numerous trainings, including a year-long online course with the Couples Institute (in California), and have become a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC). I continue to attend workshops and trainings on relationships, trauma, and mindfulness. 

As a social worker I believe in making my services available to as many people as possible. That is why I offer special rates for students and services through the Victoria Health Co-op. 

I enjoy working with couples of all sexual orientations.

A complete list of my education and experience.

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If you come to see me you probably wonder what our sessions would be like.

I provide couples with a questionnaire to answer by email. Before you even come in I have an idea about what may be going on. 

I ask whether you would like to discuss sex or sexuality in your therapy sessions. If you say yes we will do a brief assessment to pinpoint areas like desire discrepancy (the number one sexual problem faced by couples).

I listen, converse, teach, and challenge. I’ll often refer to my “little green file folder” where I store numerous handouts and exercises. 


I’ll work hard - but you’ll work harder! 

If you and your partner can align your goals and put in effort, your relationship will blossom. 

I’m very curious. I toss out ideas to you and ask, is that right? I’m intuitive. I use a calm voice to help you relax.

I may use experiential exercises - for instance, getting you to change chairs so you can speak from another part of yourself. Or having you hug until relaxed. I’ll give you a folder so you can create a resource package unique to you. I provide handouts and various worksheets that you can then keep in one place.


I meet you exactly where you are, and I invite you to do self-acceptance exercises through meditation or reflection.

Couples therapy is desperately needed in this world - if people sought help at the first signs of disharmony they could steer the course of their relationship differently. When we don't seek outside opinions or advice, it’s too easy to become entrenched in our habits and patterns. Seeing a marriage counsellor can allow us to take an unflinching look at our roles in our relationships, and work as a team to heal.

Healing happens in the shared space, humour, and energy between people. There are many ways we shut down our connections and it’s important to learn how to open up instead. 

Vulnerability is the key to connection.

You can expect to receive empathy in our sessions. You can also talk to your partner about meaningful things. You can rely on me to create a place of safety. At the same time, you know I will be honest with you about the patterns I see and the places you can grow


Don’t let your relationship falter